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House Construction

House Construction

Quality turnkey home construction and professional renovations with a three-year warranty

We can bring your dream to life from concept to full realization.

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Where do any changes begin?

With an idea.

Then, only the strength of a person's will and commitment to the decision made can bring the idea to life.

This postulate applies to everything, and construction is no exception. 

From idea

to full realization

If you have decided:

To build a house for more comfort for yourself and your loved ones

then we can assist you in realizing your idea.

We offer renovations for your living space, eat her partial or complete, transforming the old to the new and bringing it into your life.

We also provide house construction services, both using traditional building techniques and dome houses. 

In advance, we are capable of creating a design project for you, incorporating all your ideas.

Every inquiry to us is significant. We are delighted to be of assistance if we can! 

5 simple steps to build your home

1. Submitting a bid  

Это один из важнейших шагов, который даёт возможность начать. Как что-то сделать - просто  начни.

2. Visit of our specialist to the site  

Definition of tasks. Clarification about the project  if it is available, and the conditions and terms of realization of such by  our partners if it is not.  

3. Making a calculation of the cost of your repair  

Our task is to make the repair of your flat an  efficient and transparent process.   This service is free of charge.  

4. We conclude a formal contract  

Fix a deadline.  

We spell out the main terms of the contract.  

5. Carry out repairs on time  

Repair of your flat or house is carried out  according to a clear plan. We provide a guarantee for our work for 1 year.  

    We provide the highest quality services  

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Our works

Cottage town 'Harmony'

The initial idea behind this project was to create a residential complex targeting the mid-price range, tailored for families of 3-5 individuals. The complex is situated within a wooded environment and features a shared recreational space for children, as well as a tranquil area for adults to unwind. The development consists of 8 houses, varying in size from 128 to 157 square meters, each accompanied by its own plot of land spanning 300 to 600 square meters, along with a driveway gate.

As of now, the complex is fully occupied. We've taken this project from the selection of the site to its complete turnkey execution. More details


Residence on Festive Avenue

From land selection to the completed architectural design, this endeavor was overseen by us.

Every detail of the house, down to furniture choices, was handled with meticulous care.

The aim was to capture a timeless English aesthetic.

This project stands as a testament to our ability to guide a concept from its inception to a residence that's ready for immediate occupancy.
More details


Yaroslavskaya Street Dome Home

This is an example of making a dream come true.

We won't hide the fact that our greatest joy stems from constructing dome homes. Although we find joy in all sorts of projects, dome homes are our true passion.

They are living entities with a mission to safeguard human well-being and the overall health of the planet.

More details


Exterior work


Interior work


From the key advantages it is worth noting:  

- Work is carried out only by experienced highly qualified specialists;

- Strict adherence to construction norms and safety standards, ensuring a high-quality, long-lasting result;

- Flexible pricing policy, making our services affordable;

- Only high-quality equipment is used during construction and renovation;

- Strict quality control is ensured at all stages of work: from the initial consultation and design, if necessary, to the finishing touches and handover of the project.


Can you build without a project?  
Is it possible to make changes in the house construction project during the construction process?
Is it possible to build a house in stages?
What type of foundation do you recommend?
Can you take care of the engineering systems?
When would you recommend starting to build a house?  
What is the difference between a double pitched roof and a four pitched roof?
Can I order a house project from you?
How does payment work?
How do you select people to carry out certain works?  

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