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Works with plasterboard

Drywall is not only environmentally friendly, but also a budget-friendly material, ideal for renovating any space, be it residential apartments or commercial offices and warehouses. It not only creates an atmosphere of comfort and warmth, but also decorates the interior, providing additional noise insulation. The use of this material can transform any room, giving it a stylish look and providing functional advantages.

Plasterboard works play a key role in construction and decorative processes, recreating spaces that combine functionality and aesthetics. In other words, plasterboard, also known as double-walled plasterboard (DSP), is becoming a universal material for creating partitions, ceilings, arches, niches and complex architectural elements. The main advantages of plasterboard include its lightness, maneuverability and speed of installation. It is easy to machine, bend and mount, allowing you to create a variety of designs with ease. It also has high fire resistance and sound insulation, which makes it popular in residential and commercial facilities.

Plasterboard works include the installation and processing of plasterboard panels to create internal partitions, walls, ceilings, as well as various architectural and decorative elements indoors. Gypsum board, also known as GKL (gypsum board), is a versatile material used in construction to create light and stable structures.
The main plasterboard works include:

- Installation of partitions: Creation of internal partitions to divide the room into separate zones.

- Wall works: Production of internal and external plasterboard walls.

- Finishing of ceilings: Creation of suspended ceilings, cladding and decoration of ceilings with plasterboard constructions.

- Creating furniture: Making built-in furniture and decorative elements using plasterboard.

- Decorative works:
Cutting and creating decorative elements, multi-layered structures, bas-reliefs and other architectural details.

Plasterboard works allow you to quickly and effectively implement design concepts, while ensuring lightness, strength and sound insulation of structures.

The cost of plasterboard works

Drywall is a universal material for interior decoration, and the cost of work with it is determined by a number of factors. First of all, the price for installing plasterboard on the ceiling is calculated per square meter and depends on the choice of material, the complexity of the structures and the volume of work.
The total cost of drywall installation includes work on both ceilings and walls, and may vary according to the type of drywall chosen and the complexity of the work.

The price for wall cladding with plasterboard is calculated per square meter and takes into account the choice of material, the complexity of the structures and the volume of work. The cost of leveling walls with plasterboard, sheathing with plasterboard and other works also depends on the specific requirements of the client and the specifics of the project.

Our specialists are ready to provide individual consultation and calculation of the cost of plasterboard work, taking into account all your needs and budget. Make your interior stylish and functional, choosing the optimal balance between quality and cost.



Installation of plasterboard on the wall

from 000

Installation of plasterboard on the ceiling

from 000

Installation of plasterboard partitions (2 sides)

from 000

Монтаж напівкруглої конструкцій (стіни) з гіпсокартону

від 000

Installation of plasterboard slopes

from 000



Order plasterboard works in Slovakia

Keter Construction Company is your best choice for professional drywall work in Slovakia. Our highly qualified specialists are able to create unique and functional solutions using plasterboard. Regardless of whether it is the arrangement of partitions, ceilings, arched structures or decorative elements - we are ready to implement any ideas and requirements of our customers.

We use only high-quality materials and technologies to ensure durability and reliability of plasterboard constructions. Our masters work with great attention to detail, guaranteeing the cleanliness and flawlessness of every connection and surface. Whether it is the repair of an apartment, office space or the creation of large spatial solutions - we are ready to take on any plasterboard work.

Order drywall services from Keter Construction Company, and we will make your space comfortable and aesthetic with the help of high-quality drywall constructions.

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