The world is soever-changing that it's high time to think about the future.

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We invite collaboration from all those who are specialists in the following fields:



New technologies in construction

Engineering systems

We are also interested in mutually beneficial cooperation with suppliers of:

- Construction materials

- Engineering systems

- Various types of products related to construction and the preservation of human health and the planet as a whole, particularly in the context of construction.

We can be useful for each other

no matter what of the following services you do:

Lay the masonry

Perform calculations

Supply materials

Engage in the delivery of engineering systems

We invite you to one of two collaboration options.

If you are a contractor:

- Bricklaying, aerated concrete block or ceramic block laying;

- Tile laying, both interior andexterior;

- Sidewalk tile installation;

- Specialists in concrete and reinforcement work;

- Masters in complex woodworking;

- Plastering;

- Roofers;

- Electricians;

- Plumbers;

- Specialists in laying flooring;

- Engineers for engineering system setup and adjustment;

- Architects;

- Designers;

- Constructors;

- Estimators;

- Developers of new programs for more effective and successful business management;

- Specialists in implementing new technologies in the construction field.

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If you are a supplier:

- Concrete;

- Reinforcement or metal structures;

- Materials for interior decoration, including tiles, wallpaper, etc.;

- Various mixtures, etc.

- Materials for exterior finishing of buildings, including exterior cladding and various types of insulation;

- Timber for roofing and various construction works;

- Paving stones;

- Materials for electrical wiring;

- Materials for under floor heating and central heating systems;

- Stretch ceilings;

- Ready-made plaster solutions orself-leveling floors;

- Next-generation engineering systems;

- Alternative energy sources, including solar panels and heat pumps.

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