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Heat pump

A heat pump is a device that, thanks to its principle of operation, produces heat or cold energy from the environment: earth, water, air. Heat pumps They are divided into: 1. Water (brine)/water heat pumps, the source of energy is soil, water (groundwater from a well, river, sea) 2. Air/water heat pumps, the energy source is air.The production of heat or cold has two components: environmental energy + electricity. The main parameter is the COP - conversion factor, which shows the amount of heat energy received from the heat pump when consuming 1 kWh of electricity. The higher the COP, the more efficient and economical the heat pump is.The COP is an indicator of the efficient use of a heat pump. The more of the natural energy the device can use for heating or cooling, the less electricity will be used. Or so we can say: COP is a conversion factor that shows the amount of heat energy received from a heat pump when consuming 1 kWh of electricity. The higher the COP, the more efficient and economical the heat pump.The best indicator is 1 to 5, provided that the temperatures outside are not low and the heating systems in the house are low. The colder it is, the lower the ratio. It should be noted that the efficiency ...

Svitlana Bortnyk

October 23, 2022



System descriptionMonoblocks of decentralized countercurrent supply and exhaust ventilation belong to the category of innovative and reliable products aimed at creating and maintaining a healthy microclimate in premises of various functional purposes.High energy efficiency and significant air exchange capabilities make it possible to use these ventilation systems for the organization of domestic ventilation. Technologically, the system is a monoblock with a highly efficient countercurrent copper heat exchanger, ready for use in accordance with the design and layout tasks and conditions.AppointmentVentilation systems are designed to create and maintain a healthy indoor climate.These systems are recommended for use in domestic facilities (apartments, mansions, offices, classrooms and kindergartens, etc.).Working principleThe technical solution of recuperation ventilation is based on a countercurrent, continuous heat cycle copper heat exchanger, which allows to form two multidirectional air flows in the volume of one cylinder (Fig. 1).The warm exhaust air removed from the room passes through the copper heat exchanger and transfers its heat to the oncoming fresh air flow from the street.

Svitlana Bortnyk

April 27, 2023


Insulating domed houses with hemp bark

Why we chose hemp fescue mixed with lime for the insulation of domed houses:For comfortable and economical living conditions in the house, it is necessary to choose materials that have effective insulation and environmental characteristics. The characteristics of materials can be described and evaluated through:- Thermal conductivity coefficient, λ(W/m-K)- Resistance to heat transfer R(m2 K/W)- Conductivity, U (W/m2K)- Density, ρ(kg/m3 )- Energy intensity of the insulation coating, Qs = ρ-V-c-Δt(kWh)- Specific heat capacity, s (J/kg K)- Thermodiffusivity (thermal conductivity, thermal inertia) a = λ/cρ (m2 h)- Relative air humidity - Vapor permeability - Water permeability-Capillarity - Absorption and reflection of sunlightHemp fescue mixed with lime has excellent insulating and environmental characteristics:- High energy capacity, compared to synthetic heat-insulating materials.- Due to its specific gravity and porosity, it has a considerable heat capacity and the ability to absorb heat, especially when heating the stove, and accumulate it.- It has low thermal inertia, which means long-term heat spread. - The heat transfer resistance of a fescue lime board is unusually...

Svitlana Bortnyk

June 10, 2023


Plaster: how to choose and which one to buy

Plaster is a popular building material used for interior and exterior finishing of walls, ceilings, columns and other surfaces. It is always applied in the form of an elastic solution that forms a firm, even surface after curing. Depending on the composition, its surface can be smooth or rough. Also during finishing works it is possible to give texture.Today there are several types of plaster on the type of application and composition, so the choice is made taking into account the tasks at a particular site, based on the characteristics of the mixtures under consideration.‍The main purposes of plaster applicationPlaster mixtures have been widely used in construction for a long time. But if earlier they were used only for leveling walls and ceilings, then today the sphere has expanded to decorative finishing.There are three main purposes: protective-constructive, sanitary and decorative. Plastered surface is reliably protected from the harmful effects of dampness, high resistance to heat transfer, it also significantly reduces sound permeability. Sanitary and hygienic purpose is to obtain a smooth surface, effectively resisting the deposition of dust and other contaminants. Decorative function is ...

Svitlana Bortnyk

July 12, 2023


How to choose the right laminate flooring - 5 tips

What laminate flooring is better to choose - this is a question that worries many people who are planning to repair. After all, the right answer to it, will allow you to buy and lay a truly high-quality floor, which will serve the owner for years, without losing its physical and aesthetic qualities. But what is laminate flooring? ‍Laminate (laminated parquet) is a technological material on a wood base, designed for installation as a floor covering. It consists of several layers covered with a special laminate layer that provides protection of the coating from moisture, wear and tear and mechanical damage. ilkjhgTaking into account the variety of types of laminate flooring, the characteristics of the materials under consideration, operating conditions and personal preferences, we will give 5 tips on how to choose the right laminate for floor repair, as well as tell you a lot of other useful information.‍Tip 1. Carpet pad for laminate flooringMake sure to use a special carpet pad for laminate flooring made of cork, polystyrene foam or air-bubble film. The thickness of the substrate should be no less than 2-3 and no more than 5 mm - this will eliminate minor defects of the base, creating a perfectly flat surface for...

Svitlana Bortnyk

September 6, 2023


Gypsum plasterboard - an indispensable assistant in repairs

Gypsum board is a modern sheet construction and finishing material for repair, consisting of two main components: gypsum core and cardboard. Gypsum provides filling, heat and sound insulating qualities. The cardboard gives the product a perfectly flat surface, high rigidity, and minimizes the internal tension created during the installation and transportation of the sheet.The key advantages of gypsum board for repair are: light weight, sufficient strength, environmental friendliness, perfectly flat surface, ease/speed of installation and dismantling, durability, ease of processing and versatility of use.Where gypsum board is usedPlasterboard-based structures are used for various purposes: from office and retail premises to kitchens and bathrooms in residential buildings. The versatility of the material provides the necessary surface characteristics in rooms with different microclimatic conditions.Plasterboard is often used in the repair of apartments. Due to its universal qualities, as well as a certain flexibility, masters can create not only flat, but also curved surfaces, for example, when decorating passageways or interior spaces.Depending on the purpose, hyspokarton can be six different ...

Svitlana Bortnyk

October 10, 2023


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