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Our company has been engaged in various types of renovation and construction works, including unique architectural solutions such as dome houses.

Our experience is diverse, and over the years, we have come to realize that there are no ready-made solutions. In each individual case, a new story unfolds, and what that story is about depends on the client and the executor, on their collaboration.

We are always open to new solutions, new possibilities, new encounters, and of course, focused on high-quality results.

There are no insignificant tasks. Therefore, we are ready to assist with both small repairs and larger projects.

Our experience is highly diverse.

From minor repair works to the construction of cottage communities, testing new engineering systems, alternative energy sources, and new forms ofenergy-efficient construction for a new quality of life for people.

Each of our projects leaves traces in our experience, and we value them.

From idea

to full realization


One of the most crucial aspects in a person's life is the space they live in. Whether it's an apartment or a house, it depends on the personal preferences of each individual.

If you need to replace the flooring in your apartment, come to us.

And if you want to build a turnkey house, you're also in the right place with us.

If you have decided:


To make changes in your current accommodation


To carry out partial renovation or complete remodeling


To build a house for more comfort for yourself and your loved ones

then we can assist you in realizing your idea.

We offer renovations for your living space, eat her partial or complete, transforming the old to the new and bringing it into your life.

We also provide house construction services, both using traditional building techniques and dome houses.

In advance, we are capable of creating a design project for you, incorporating all your ideas.

Every inquiry to us is significant.
We are delighted to be of assistance if we can!

40%of global warming on our planet Earth occurs as a result

of poor-quality architecture of the buildings themselves or their execution.

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Interior work (renovation works)


Exterior work (renovation works)


Cottage town 'Harmony'

The initial idea behind this project was to create a residential complex targeting the mid-price range, tailored for families of 3-5 individuals. The complex is situated within a wooded environment and features a shared recreational space for children, as well as a tranquil area for adults to unwind. The development consists of 8 houses, varying in size from 128 to 157 square meters, each accompanied by its own plot of land spanning 300 to 600 square meters, along with a driveway gate.

As of now, the complex is fully occupied. We've taken this project from the selection of the site to its complete turnkey execution. More


Residence on Festive Avenue

From land selection to the completed architectural design, this endeavor was overseen by us.

Every detail of the house, down to furniture choices, was handled with meticulous care.

The aim was to capture a timeless English aesthetic.

This project stands as a testament to our ability to guide a concept from its inception to a residence that's ready for immediate occupancy.
More details


Yaroslavskaya Street Dome Home

This is an example of making a dream come true.

We won't hide the fact that our greatest joy stems from constructing dome homes. Although we find joy in all sorts of projects, dome homes are our true passion.

They are living entities with a mission to safeguard human well-being and the overall health of the planet.

More details

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The significance and value of preserving life on planet Earth through a new type of construction and the utilization of alternative energy sources.

Dome homes are the most harmonious living spaces for people. We construct a living organism.

The integrated technology takes into account all aspects of a residential structure - from the ground it stands on to providing fresh air for the comfort of its inhabitants.

Natural air circulation, the absence of stagnant zones, and consistent temperatures at different heights. This enables one to relish the quality of life and comfort with in such a home that preserves health.


Residents of the dome house experience a sense of lightness and spaciousness due to the bright and comfortable design. The dome house has a positive impact on people's emotional well-being and conserves energy through its shape.

Integrated Technology

We have developed an integrated technology that allows homeowners to avoid additional costs for materials, construction and operation of the dome house.

Economic Advantage

Compared to a standard house with the same quality, the initial construction savings fora 100 m2 dome house can be up to 20%. Heating costs for a dome house are 4-10 times cheaper.


We believe that dome houses are the choice of those who are willing to break free from outdated conventions in favor of health and living within their own ecosystem, with minimal energy costs.


Reason 1

Our team constructs dome houses using construction and engineering technologies that aim to preserve human life and the environment

Reason 2

Heightened resilience against weather elements and natural occurrences. Imperviousness to earthquakes. The structure's intrinsic durability against high wind and snow loads is owed to the lack of flat surfaces.

Reason 3

Dome-shaped structures exhibit exceptionalenergy efficiency.

The combination of their form and integrated construction technology leads to heating cost savings ranging from four to ten times.

Reason 4

Due to their shapes, in contrast to rectangular structures, dome houses ensure even temperatures across the entire construction and facilitate improved air circulation, thereby enhancing living comfort and overall well-being.

Reason 5

Positive impact on residents due to the shape. Health promotion, longevity, harmonization, regeneration.

The dome shape positively affects human emotional well-being.

Want tolearn more about dome homes? All the information is here.


In today's world, everything is changing at such a rapid pace that there's a desire to experience and see it all, especially the beauty of places, countries, continents where one has not yet been. Traveling has become multinational, allowing people to experience relaxation from around the globe. In one place, you can encounter people from everywhere, and the more popular a destination or type of vacation becomes, the more widespread it is. 

There's also a form of travel focused inward, to be alone with nature and oneself, primarily. The world rushes by so quickly that sometimes it's essential to pause, take a look around, gather strength, and perhaps undergo a fundamental shift in thinking.

As a result of this, we have developed dome hotel projects, both for individual rooms and standalone structures, which can attract additional streams of tourists in both cases.

Since our buildings are entirely designed to preserve the physical and emotional well-being of individuals, this presents a veryhigh-quality solution for potential implementation in the hospitality industry.



We invite construction companies, building teams, engineers, project managers, architects, designers, as well as suppliers of various building materials, materials for interior and exterior design, electricians, heating specialists, and engineering systems, along with alternative energy sources to collaborate. 

The collaboration of various professionals leads to positive outcomes.

We can be useful for each other

We have two collaboration options:

If you are a contractor:

- Bricklaying, aerated concrete block or ceramic block laying;

- Tile laying, both interior andexterior;

- Sidewalk tile installation;

- Specialists in concrete and reinforcement work;

- Masters in complex wood working;

- Plastering;

- Roofers;

- Electricians;

- Plumbers;

- Specialists in laying flooring;

- Engineers for engineering system setup and adjustment;

- Architects;

- Designers;

- Constructors;

- Estimators;

- Developers of new programs for more effective and successful business management;

- Specialists in implementing new technologies in the construction field.

I want to collaborate

If you are a supplier:

- Concrete;

- Reinforcement or metal structures;

- Materials for interior decoration, including tiles, wallpaper, etc.;

- Various mixtures, etc.

- Materials for exterior finishing of buildings, including exterior cladding and various types of insulation;

- Timber for roofing and various construction works;

- Paving stones;

- Materials for electrical wiring;

- Materials for under floor heating and central heating systems;

- Stretch ceilings;

- Ready-made plaster solutions orself-leveling floors;

- Next-generation engineering systems;

- Alternative energy sources, including solar panels and heat pumps.

I want to collaborate

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Can you oversee the entire project from concept to full implementation?
Is it possible to make changes to the project during the work?
Can I bring my own technical supervision?
Why dome homes?
Can a dome home also be a hotel?

Do you still have any questions?

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