Dome house  on Yaroslavskaya  

Dome house  on Yaroslavskaya  

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    This project was realized by us  

    from idea  

to 100% readiness  ready for living  

This is an example of making a dream come true.

We won't hide the fact that our greatest joy stems from constructing dome homes. Although we find joy in all sorts of projects, dome homes are our true passion.

They are living entities with a mission to safeguard human well-being and the overall health of the planet.


    Energy efficiency  

    The house on Yaroslavskaya is one of the most  valuable projects we have realized.  

    Very high indicators of energy efficiency of the  built house.  

    Very comfortable condition from being in it  

This project was conceived as a solution to the problem of society with energy resources and quality of life

    A dome house is known to be the most energy  efficient building just because of its shape, and if you add alternative  sources of electricity to it, it is one of the most optimal solutions in the  field of housing in terms of energy efficiency.    

And now I would like to add to the above:  

Our construction utilizes, to a large extent,  materials that do not require fossil energy resources in their production.
And also those engineering systems, and not only,  which are aimed at preserving human life and health.  

Wall cooling to keep your health in check.  

Recuperation to supply fresh air during the cold  season while maximising resource savings in the process.
A large number of energy-efficient panoramic windows  to maximise light in the rooms, which promotes human health.
As well as eco-friendly wood.  

On 140 metres square fit:  
-beautiful kitchen-living room with a second light  on 48 metres,  
-3 bedrooms, the area from 15 to 23 metres,  
-3 bathrooms, one of which is a master bedroom,  
-as well as a boiler room and a cloakroom.      

Let's not forget about the entrance group, which  unloaded the entrance to the living room, leaving behind the threshold of  things and shoes in a large wardrobe.  

Here is a testimonial from those living in this home:

Feedback for, Alexander about living in dome house

We've been living in a dome house for a year now. Over this period, we've thoroughly assessed the convenience and comfort of this architectural solution.

First of all, I want to highlight the high-quality microclimate at the home, achieved through its shape, cooling, and heating via a heat pump, and the presence of recuperators in each room. During summer, all rooms have a comfortable temperature that remains stable, devoid of sudden fluctuations or directed blasts of cold air, as with air conditioning. In winter, the absence of radiators and other specific heating sources prevents the air from becoming overly dry. Recuperators ensure a constant air exchange, crucial for frame houses, reducing carbon dioxide levels, which undoubtedly enhances the comfort of staying at home and particularly the quality of sleep.

Another advantage of this climatic solution in the house is its efficiency. The average yearly consumption of a 140 sq. m. home is around 750 kWh, approximately 5 kWh per sq. m. per month—orders of magnitude less than the expenses for heating and cooling an apartment in a multi-apartment building ora house with a standard gas boiler. Other utility costs are practically nonexistent. The insulation materials in our home also have high energy-savingproperties; the house maintains its temperature almost constantly for 48 hours without the heat pump.

The "second light" and the panoramic windows on the ground floor deserve separate attention. Due to them, the main spaces in the house are alwayswell-lit during the day, further enhancing the sense of space and comfort. While the round shape of the home might pose challenges for furniture placement, each room on the two floors has internal straight walls that solve the furniture and design problem. Moreover, the absence of excessive furniture against external walls visually enlarges the space. The curvature of the geodesic home allows for a substantial amount of useful space on the second floor, in contrast to standard mansard designs that accommodate a sloped roof.

Overall, the experience of living in a dome house is incredibly positive. The house is economical, comfortable, modern, and very bright!

Alexander Umansky

(Engineer and financier by education)

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