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    This project was realized by us  

    from idea  

to 100% readiness  ready for living  


Selection of the site


Creation of the concept


Construction         realisation  



The initial idea behind this project was to create a residential complex targeting the mid-price range, tailored for families of 3-5 individuals. The complex is situated within a wooded environment and features a shared recreational space for children, as well as a tranquil area for adults to unwind. The development consists of 8 houses, varying in size from 128 to 157 square meters, each accompanied by its own plot of land spanning 300 to 600 square meters, along with a driveway gate.

As of now, the complex is fully occupied. We've taken this project from the selection of the site to its complete turnkey execution.


    What  can be said about this project?  

    (This  is something that is unlikely to be told to you by any of the developers.)  

    A  project where there are several properties and the more the better

    easier  to realise, faster and more economical.  

    Discounts  on large volumes of work, discounts on materials and avoidance of downtime  with a properly established work process.     

    Alternative  energy sources  

Nowadays,  the use of alternative energy sources is very important. In multi-site  projects, the savings on such sources are also quite large.  

For  example, a good quality air-source heat pump for a house of 150 metres costs  on average 5000 €. Plus about 2000 € for laying the lines, buying the missing  equipment, installing and commissioning everything.  

That's  a total of 7000 €.  

From the same company, an industrial air-source heat pump, which is enough for 6 houses of 150 costs  12,000 €.   Another  2500 € for the routes with work to each of them.  

The  total amount for 6 houses is 27 000 €, which translates to 4500 € per house.  

The  saving for one house is 2500 €. And that's just the air heat pump.  

    The  same principle applies to all utility systems and not only.  

Usually  such savings are the developer's earnings. Whether one house is built or ten  - the sale is almost the same.
That  is why I often say that it is profitable to unite and build together. When a  construction company that is accountable to you builds, you can always check  the cost and find a cheaper one if you need to.  

Before and after renovation




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This  is one of the very interesting projects.  

And  if it was big, then the possibility of infrastructure could be solved inside  the town, so to speak, to solve all the necessary tasks without leaving such  a village.    

Were  there any difficulties in realisation?  

Yes,  there were: approvals, because of the proximity of the forest and the  electricity supply, namely the approval of these documents.     

Otherwise, it was a standard process with its own small force majeure.

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Why dome homes?
Can a dome home also be a hotel?

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