Gypsum plasterboard - an indispensable assistant in repairs

Gypsum plasterboard - an indispensable assistant in repairs


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Gypsum board is a modern sheet construction and finishing material for repair, consisting of two main components: gypsum core and cardboard. Gypsum provides filling, heat and sound insulating qualities. The cardboard gives the product a perfectly flat surface, high rigidity, and minimizes the internal tension created during the installation and transportation of the sheet.

The key advantages of gypsum board for repair are: light weight, sufficient strength, environmental friendliness, perfectly flat surface, ease/speed of installation and dismantling, durability, ease of processing and versatility of use.

Where gypsum board is used

Plasterboard-based structures are used for various purposes: from office and retail premises to kitchens and bathrooms in residential buildings. The versatility of the material provides the necessary surface characteristics in rooms with different microclimatic conditions.

Plasterboard is often used in the repair of apartments. Due to its universal qualities, as well as a certain flexibility, masters can create not only flat, but also curved surfaces, for example, when decorating passageways or interior spaces.

Depending on the purpose, hyspokarton can be six different types: wall, ceiling, moisture-resistant, design, high-strength and fire-resistant. Let's take a closer look:

  • Wall gypsum board is the standard variety of material. The sheet can have a thickness of 12.5 mm and more, which directly affects the strength and weight of the product: from 22.3 to 33.5 kg. It is used for leveling walls and erecting wall partitions;
  • Ceiling plasterboard is a lighter and thinner solution than wall plasterboard. The standard thickness of the sheet is 9.5 mm. It does not provide for the impact of significant mechanical load. The length of ceiling plasterboard is from 2 to 2.5 meters, with weight from 17.5 to 21.9kg. It is intended for leveling and installation of ceiling surfaces;
  • Moisture-resistant gypsum board - used for repair in rooms with high humidity, up to 85%: kitchens, bathrooms, production shops, etc. In the production process, sheets are impregnated with a special antifungal composition that prevents the growth of mold;
  • Designer plasterboard - a specialized material with a minimum thickness of 6.5 mm, which allows the sheet to bend. It is used to create arched interior openings and other shaped elements (when realizing original interior designs);
  • High-strength gypsum board - has in its composition additional components that significantly increase the strength of the sheet. It is used in places with high mechanical loads;
  • Fire-resistant gypsum board - due to additional treatment with filament threads, has a significantly higher resistance to elevated temperatures and fire.

Properties and characteristics of gypsum board

Due to high technical characteristics and practical properties, specialists of the company often use plasterboard in the repair of turnkey apartments. Also, the low cost of the material, allows you to make repairs of apartments in new buildings with a minimum price per square meter.

Key characteristics of gypsum board:

  • Maximum allowable loads (depends on the type) - average 30kg/m.sq.;
  • Toxicity group - T1;
  • Thermal conductivity index - 0.35 W/m*K, allows for use in rooms with heat-saving technologies;
  • Fire resistance and combustibility index - B1-B2, G1.

The standard size of the sheet of gypsum board is 2500x1200mm. Also in construction stores in Kiev can be found sheets with other dimensions (width from 600 to 2000mm, length, from 2000 to 3000mm).

Specialists of the company W2Studio in Kiev highly appreciate the physical and practical qualities of gypsum board and regularly use this material in the realization of their own projects! If you still have questions - contact a manager of W2Studio and get a detailed consultation!

October 10, 2023

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