Insulating domed houses with hemp bark

Insulating domed houses with hemp bark


Svitlana Bortnyk

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Why we chose hemp fescue mixed with lime for the insulation of domed houses:

For comfortable and economical living conditions in the house, it is necessary to choose materials that have effective insulation and environmental characteristics. 

The characteristics of materials can be described and evaluated through:

- Thermal conductivity coefficient, λ(W/m-K)

- Resistance to heat transfer R(m2 K/W)

- Conductivity, U (W/m2K)

- Density, ρ(kg/m3 )

- Energy intensity of the insulation coating, Qs = ρ-V-c-Δt(kWh)

- Specific heat capacity, s (J/kg K)

- Thermodiffusivity (thermal conductivity, thermal inertia) a = λ/cρ (m2 h)

- Relative air humidity 

- Vapor permeability 

- Water permeability


- Absorption and reflection of sunlight

Hemp fescue mixed with lime has excellent insulating and environmental characteristics:

- High energy capacity, compared to synthetic heat-insulating materials.

- Due to its specific gravity and porosity, it has a considerable heat capacity and the ability to absorb heat, especially when heating the stove, and accumulate it.

- It has low thermal inertia, which means long-term heat spread.

- The heat transfer resistance of a fescue lime board is unusually high compared to synthetic materials. This is due to the accumulation of a large amount of heat, which actively counteracts the spread of cold inside the structure.

- The hemp fescue with lime is breathable, which removes water vapor, thus eliminating the dew point in the slab.

- The possibility of carbonization (hardening) of this mixture solves the problem of slab durability.

- Effective protection against high-frequency radiation.

- Experimentally recorded deterioration in the quality of mobile communication when insulating a house with this natural insulating material.   

- Hemp fescue mixed with lime as a porous insulator accumulates environmental energy, which additionally protects the house from cold or heat. In other words, it not only retains heat or cold, but is also fueled by the energies of the environment.

- The presence of phytoncides that repel rodents and insects, resistance to putrefactive processes, etc.

- Absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere

- Turns into limestone stone without losing its insulating properties.

June 10, 2023

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