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System description

Monoblocks of decentralized countercurrent supply and exhaust ventilation belong to the category of innovative and reliable products aimed at creating and maintaining a healthy microclimate in premises of various functional purposes.

High energy efficiency and significant air exchange capabilities make it possible to use these ventilation systems for the organization of domestic ventilation. 

Technologically, the system is a monoblock with a highly efficient countercurrent copper heat exchanger, ready for use in accordance with the design and layout tasks and conditions.


Ventilation systems  are designed to create and maintain a healthy indoor climate.

These systems are recommended for use in domestic facilities (apartments, mansions, offices, classrooms and kindergartens, etc.).

Working principle

The technical solution of recuperation ventilation is based on a countercurrent, continuous heat cycle copper heat exchanger, which allows to form two multidirectional air flows in the volume of one cylinder (Fig. 1).

The warm exhaust air removed from the room passes through the copper heat exchanger and transfers its heat to the oncoming fresh air flow from the street.

The system allows for heat recovery, which increases the overall recovery rate and helps to maintain optimal indoor humidity. Since the air flows are separated and normalized at the "supply" and "exhaust" levels, there is no mixing of differently directed air flows.

The high flow rate with sufficient heat exchange efficiency ensures the removal of up to 90% of moisture in the dispersed state, preventing its condensation and freezing of the heat exchanger at low ambient temperatures.

April 27, 2023

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