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Repair services in Slovakia

Repair services in the field of construction and maintenance of premises include a wide range of actions aimed at restoring, improving and preserving residential or commercial space. These services can cover any aspect of the renovation, from small fixes and upgrades to a complete renovation of a building or space.

Main types of repair services:

Repair works of internal premises:
Painting works, decoration of walls and ceilings.
- Tile work in the kitchen and bathroom.
- Plasterboard works, including the creation of partitions and decorative elements.
- Floor works, including installation of laminate, parquet, carpet, etc.

External works:
Facade works, including decoration and insulation.
- Repair of the roof and drainage system.
- Landscape design and landscaping.

Plumbing works:
Installation and repair of plumbing equipment.
- Replacement of pipelines, hydraulic works.
- Lifting works for installation of plumbing equipment.

Electrical works:
Repair and modernization of the electrical network.Installation of new sockets, switches, lighting.Smart home systems and automation.

Dismantling works:
Dismantling and dismantling of building structures.
- Removal of obsolete equipment and materials.

Construction and reconstruction:
Restoring or changing the layout of the premises.
- Extension or reconstruction of the building.

Hotel works:
Repair and maintenance of rooms and common areas.
- Reconstruction of the lobby, restaurants, swimming pools and infrastructure.

Works in a country house or cottage:
Replacement or installation of heating and air conditioning systems.
- Summer or winter garden, landscaping.

Repair services are provided in order to ensure the comfort and safety of living, to increase the functionality of a room or building, as well as to improve their appearance. Ordering repair services in Slovakia can be aimed at solving specific tasks or at general repair and renovation of the premises.

The cost of repair works

Prices for repair services are determined by many factors, which include the scope of work, materials, deadlines and complexity of the project. The cost of repair works is determined individually for each client, taking into account his needs and budget.

The price list for repair work is an informative document that helps customers get a clear picture of the cost of the work. This can be especially helpful when planning and budgeting for a renovation project. Prices for repair and construction works may vary depending on the region, level of complexity and class of materials used. It is important to take into account the quality of the work, as it directly affects the duration and wear resistance of the repair. Renovation services in Slovakia can include a wide range of actions, from cosmetic renovation of premises to full reconstruction. It is important to clarify the scope of work and requirements for materials before forming the cost.

Prices for repair and construction work often include not only the costs of labor and materials, but also additional services, such as designer consultations, disposal of construction waste and other auxiliary elements that may arise during the execution of the work.

Order repair services

Keter Construction Company is your partner in the implementation of repair services in Slovakia. Our team of highly qualified specialists is ready to take on any repair task, from small cosmetic fixes to a full-fledged reconstruction project. We understand how important it is to have a reliable partner who can provide not only quality work, but also efficiency in the performance of tasks.

Our specialists use advanced technologies and reliable materials, guaranteeing the durability and stability of the result. We offer a variety of repair services, including interior decoration, plumbing, electrical installation, and many others.

Regardless of the volume of work, we treat each project with great responsibility and take into account the individual wishes of each client. Order repair services from Keter Construction Company, and get a high-quality and reliable work result for your facility.



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