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We professionally and qualitatively repair rooms on a turnkey basis, with a written guarantee of 3 years.

Ми здатні втілити вашу мрію від ідеї до повної реалізації

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Repair of rooms in Slovakia

Room renovation is a set of works that includes technical and design changes in the room with the aim of improving its appearance, comfort and functionality. This process can be aimed at updating the interior, correcting defects or completely upgrading the premises to modern standards.The main characteristics of room renovation:

- Preparatory work: Removal of old covering, disassembly of furniture, repair of walls and ceiling.

- Wall works: Plastering, sanding, decorating walls by painting, tiling or using other decorative materials.

- Floor coverings: Selection and installation of a new floor covering - laminate, parquet, carpet or tiles.

- Window work: Replacement of windows or their renewal, installation of new curtains, blinds or curtains.

- Lighting: Selection and installation of lamps, chandeliers, table lamps to create a cozy and effectively lit atmosphere.

- Furniture and equipment: Updating or replacing furniture, installing new equipment and accessories.

- Textiles: Selection and renewal of bed linen, curtains, blankets, pillows.

- Decorative elements: Use of various decorative elements - paintings, drawings, carpets, pillows.

- Plumbing works: Repair or replacement of plumbing fixtures - toilet, bathtub, sink.

-Design design: Consideration of design and stylistic solutions to create a harmonious and stylish interior.

Renovation of rooms can be carried out both partially and comprehensively, depending on the needs of the owners and the condition of the premises. It allows you to create a space that meets modern trends and impresses with its cozy atmosphere.

Prices for room repairs

Room renovation prices are a reflection not only of technical intervention in the space, but also a work of high-tech art that creates an atmosphere of comfort and aesthetics in your home.

The unique character of each repair is determined not only by the choice of materials and technical solutions, but also by the art of combining them into a single harmonious image.

Prices for room renovations can be shaped by a number of factors, starting from the choice of ecological materials and innovative technologies that increase energy efficiency, and ending with style and design that determine the unique character of the room.

Room renovation is an investment in your comfort and the impression of the space you create. The uniqueness of room renovation prices is that each project becomes a reflection of the individuality and warmth of your home, and not just a set of works.

Order room repairs in Slovakia

Keter Construction Company is your faithful companion in room renovations in Slovakia, where we will turn every room into an exquisite expression of your style and comfort. By ordering room renovation from us, you open the door to limitless possibilities for transforming your space. We specialize in various types of repair work, including European repair, complex, major and partial repairs.

For us, each room is a palette on which we create unique images. We provide a high level of design and functionality while respecting your individual needs and wishes. From decorating a bedroom to arranging a cozy kitchen - we take into account all the nuances so that your space becomes a well-known place of comfort.

Order the repair of rooms at Keter Construction Company, and we guarantee you the highest quality of work, a creative approach and the realization of your own interior vision. Entrust us with your rooms, and we will make them the embodiment of your style and sophistication.



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